My daughters birthday


Oh dear, it’s that time of the year again. My daughters birthday is coming up next week. It’s amazing how much trouble it is to host a birthday party for kids so this year we decided to host it at this huge indoor funpark. Mostly because I haven’t got all that much energy with little VL waking up every night and well, it takes a LOT of energy to have 6-9 8 year old girls running around, playing (and screaming) at the house.

But I want to tell you, and show you, what I did for her birthday last year. We held it here at home and she asked for some fun version of “pin the tail”. She’s a big fan of My Little Pony so I went on Google and found a picture of one of the ponies (an easy one) and printed it out. Then I took a big roll of paper and started drawing.


Here^^’s how it looked like when I was finished drawing, it’s a bit unclear because it’s only with a pencil. As with a lot of other things I couldn’t have done it without my talented husband, because he drew the eyes (I think I tried for 2-3 hours before I accepted that he could probably do it better) I didn’t draw the tail as I needed a couple of those wich I made out of a simple A4 papers. (don’t have pictures of them though). The next step was to make it a little clearer and put some colour in it. And here’s how it turned out without the tail. What do you think?


HG loved it and so did all the girls at the party and she’s been asking about something similar ever since. Do you have a fun idea for childrens birthday party?

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