TGIF no wait… I’m a parent


I bet you’ve all been there. It’s Friday and your Facebook friends (those with no kids) spam the news feed with all kinds of “TGIF” posts; how good it will be to relax, how fun it’s going to be getting drunk, how tired they are after a tough week.

And you just sit there, with your kids running and screaming around you, the baby stuck on your nipples and the house a mess, so you sigh.

In a way I envy those people. I remember how nice it was to just sleep until noon or going pub crawling every night or jumping in the car and just drive anywhere (without thinking about how kid friendly or far away it is). I remember how good it felt on the way home from work on Fridays, knowing I had NO obligations until Monday.

Now I wake up at 6-7 AM, whether it’s a Tuesday or a Saturday because I have to change diaper, the kids are hungry or want to watch TV. And I’m “on duty” every day all day and every night actually. So, to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday or Friday, I’m probably doing the same tomorrow as I did yesterday.


But I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything. Sure it’s nice to sleep in but getting those tiny hands around your neck in the morning is so much nicer. And yes it’s a good feeling going home and knowing you can relax but having fun with your kids and see them smile is a lot better. Taking a spontaneous trip is great but hearing your children say “I love you” beads everything.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I know I will, waking up way to soon and being on duty for those I love more than anything.

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