A new job


OMG I’m so excited and just had to share the news with you guys. I’ve finally signed a contract as a freelancer! I’ve been a stay at home mom since last January and since June I haven’t got any income, not a dime.

In January I started my maternity leave and in June the Danish government decided that if you haven’t lived in DK for at lest 7 years you have to get “integration allowance” and that means no maternity pay. Well that sucked.

Then we got married in July (happiest day of my life! I’ll post about it soon) and guess what? If you don’t have a job here in DK but your husband/spouse does than they have to support you and you don’t get a dime. I think it’s ridiculous!

So I started looking for some freelancing to do at Upwork and it payed off! I just had to share it with you and if any of you are thinking about doing something like that or are giving up on waiting I just want to say KEEP IT UP. In the end it pays off.

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