Back to school


My baby girl HG just started third grade last week and I thought to myself: :”Already?” There were so many things I had planned to do before school started to make life easier for us. And I had planned to start some traditions related to school as well.

As I’ve probably said before, I LOVE Pinterest (feel free to follow me there) and I’ve found gazillion ideas as to how to make life easier after school starts, some fun traditions to start and some clever tips and tricks. I’ve taken the stuff that applies to our family and will link the blogs/articles where I’ve found them.

Well, as I said, I had planned to do so many things before school started and then all of a sudden it was too late. At least for those first day traditions I had in mind. Like:

Here are some really good organizing ideas that I tend to do (sooner than later). I think it’s genious  how she sets up the “lunch box closet”. And I just love this clothing choice hack , it can take my little stylist up to an hour to decide what clothes she should wear.

And here is a clever evening checklist so the kids will be prepared for the next day. I’m definitely going to this as it seems to be so hard for my HG to remember things she has to do.

Last but not least, although I don’t agree with them all, here are some tips and tricks to remember for the parents when school starts .




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