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Dating My Husband #1 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

Each Friday I’m going to tell you about the date we had and include 10 other great ideas of budget friendly at home dates.

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Well as I said the other day then Fridays are going to be our date days. And since we have our little VL most of those dates are going to be here at home while he sleeps. They will also be budget friendly since we only have one income.

Today we did a pretty simple, everyday thing but we did it together. Want to guess? It contains a lot of water! Yes, we took a shower together. Nothing sexual, just talking and washing each other.

And let me tell you, it was great! The deabth of our conversation reached a new level. There’s just something about standing together in the steamy shower and not hearing anything but your voices and the water. I really recommend it.

Plus it feels so good having your hubby washing your hair (I mean, scalp massage is just heaven right?) and rubbing soap on your back. And let’s admit it, he probably likes it even more than you since he gets a good view of you.

Well, I know you want to hear my other 10 ideas so here they come

  1. Read a book. If you like reading you should try reading out loud with your hubby. You can have fun doing different voices for the carachters and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read a book, it’s always a new experience listening at it.
  2. Spa at home. Massage, cleansing masks, even pedicure or fixing each other eyebrows. Light up some candles, listen to good music, enjoy being pampered with and pampering your hubby.
  3. Take photos of each other. You can have a lot of fun with this one. Silly faces, pictures for social media, sexy pictures, you name it.
  4. Do a puzzle. There’s something soothing about doing a puzzle plus it gets your brain going. Sitting together at the table eith a glas of wine (or as in our case cup of tea since we don’t drink) small talking and doing puzzle. Sounds good right? You could start up with something small (500pc)  or go right in with the big boys (don’t recommend it, me and hubby bought 2000pc once and it took us 5 weeks to finish it)
  5. Break a record (Guiness World). Take a look at Guiness world records and see if you could break any of them. Even if you don’t make it, you’ll have a good time
  6. Bubble bath. Put a lot of soap in the tub, get in and relax. You could also play a little around with the soap, put a new hairstyle or a beard on each other.
  7. Indoor picnic. Some good snacks, blanket on the floor and cuddling can’t go wrong. In the winter you could even play “fireplace ” on the tv to set the mood.
  8. Play videogames. There’s a lot of fun videogames that two can play. You could even take it to another level and play kareoke or guitar hero. Better yet, play videogames since you were young. There’s nothing like a ride down memory lane
  9. DIY. Go on Pinterest and find some DIY you’d want to do together. It could be something for the home, scrapbooking, gifts or something for the two of you. The possibilities are endless.
  10. Around the world date – England. I saw that one on Pinterest and really like it. It included recipes, activities and more. This is maybe not completely budget friendly but a lot of fun, specially if you try the hole night with a British accent. They have dates from all around the world and I can’t wait to try them.

4 thoughts on “Dating My Husband #1 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

  1. I love all your ideas! Especially like the idea of an indoor picnic, that will be a really fun winter time date. The around the world is a neat idea too. And yes, showering with my boy is always fun, haven’t done that in awhile, we need to!


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