Long Naps AND a Whole Night of Sleeping.. Can You Have Both? Part 2


It’s been two weeks since I told you guys about my plans to get VL to take longer naps and I want to tell you how it’s going. But first, let’s refresh our memory.

My plan was to use the E.A.S.Y routine, so instead of him falling asleep with the bottle in his mouth I was going to squeeze some  activity in before he fell asleep.

Typically, he got sick on the day I had planned to begin so I decided to wait until he got better. Well, he’s still kind of sick so I didn’t stick that much to the plan (a reminder, babies don’t care about your planning). What I did do, and actually has worked a little, is that instead of giving him his bottle in the bedroom, I now do it in the living room. So when he’s done with the bottle (and usually fallen asleep) I pick him up, so he wakes a little bit up and carry him to his bed. And when he wakes up after 30min I give him water to drink instead of milk. So now, he doesn’t link food to sleep and it looks like he sleeps a lot better. At least until my hubby and HG come home, then all hell breaks loose. He just can’t calm himself down when they’re at home.


I also started to give him water instead of milk at night, when he wakes up, and so far (only done it for 2 nights) there’s some progress. Instead of him drinking half the bottle and falling asleep with it in his mouth (after about 30-45min), now he just takes a few sips of water and falls asleep in my arms (we’re talking about maybe 15-20min)


I looked a little bit more at short naps sucks and what she says about the room where the baby sleeps. Here in Denmark, there’s this policy or something, that babies are suppose to sleep in the daylight, meaning you are not suppose to draw down the curtains or making the room darker in anyway. Because, according to health department here, then the baby doesn’t know it’s daytime and that can confuse them. Well, after I read short naps sucks, I decided to try and darken the room where he sleeps. And just by doing that, he added 15-35min to his naps, which is great! So darken the room where the baby sleeps works!

Now he sleeps 1,5 hours tops but I’m still not satisfied with that so  I checked out some more tips. At My Baby Sleep Guide I found some great advice. She says that you shouldn’t be worried if you have to use props to get your baby to sleep ( swing, rocking the baby to sleep etc) because the most important thing tight now for your baby is a good sleep. That made me feel a LOT better because VL rarely falls asleep by himself (he can, he just doesn’t want to, I guess). But unfortunately, as the babies get bigger, you have to teach them how to fall asleep by themselves and that’s what I’m going to look into the next time.

Stay tuned for part number 3, coming 8.9.2016

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