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Dating My Husband #2 


It’s Friday again and you know what that means right? You got it, it’s date “night”. Last week our date was a simple every day shower which you can read all about here. And at the bottom of this post I ‘ll put 10 other fun budget friendly date ideas to do at home, just like last time.

This week I wanted to try something different. With me at home all day and my hubby working, there isn’t a lot of time to work out or anything so I decided to catch two birds with one stone.


Exercise date! Spending time with your loved one and get some exercise at the same time. Let me tell you, it was so fun! We didn’t use any Youtube video or nothing but here are some great videos to follow:

20 minute No equipment partner workout

Partner Workouts – 23 exercises

Crazy Fun And Intense Partner Workout!

12-minute Partner Workout

Partner Up Workout

Like I said, it was so fun. We put on some upbeat music and did a bunch of jumping jacks, ab exercises, planking and arm exercises. It didn’t matter if we looked silly,honestly it’s a lot funnier if you try to be a little silly, or if we couldn’t do all the exercises. And a little sweat (under the right circumstances) is always sexy, at least hubby didn’t complain and well, there’s just something about the smell. I totally recommend it!

Well, here come the 10 other ideas I had come up with:

Beer tasting Each one picks a couple of beer types and then it’s just getting cozy and start tasting. You could even grade them, finding out who’s the best, and see if you agree.

Youtube karaoke This is so fun! Go on Youtube and type karaoke, I can almost guarantee you can find something you’ll like. It’s maybe not as good as Singstar but it’s just as much fun. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent.

How well do you know each other quizzes Some of those quizzes are so funny and some are actually pretty accurate. But in any case, you can have a a lot of fun and maybe get to know something new about the love of your life.

Exchange foot/back rubs Oh my, this is always a perfect go-to if anything else fails. I mean, there’s nothing better than getting your feet rubbed after a whole day of standing up. So get some massage oil, get cozy in the sofa and massage each other.

Make a playlist from when you started dating This can be a a lot of fun and bring back some sweet memories from your first time together. Nostalgia any one?

Blind taste test My hubby loves food so this would be perfect for us. Find some delicious (and you could maybe add in something weird tasting for the fun of it) food and take turns feeding it to each other. The one that’s tasting has to keep his/her eyes shut.

Youtube dance lessons I’m all about Youtube today so of course this one has to be on the list. Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, the possibilities are endless, it’s so romantic to dance by the candle light and there are a few things as sexy as a man that can dance.

Learn a new hobby together Sewing, crocheting, something car related, woodcarving are whatever comes in mind, there’s definitely something you can do together. And you’re never to old to learn something new

Nerf Gun war We’ve tried this one and it was SO fun! Buy two nerf guns, a lot of ammo’s and go nuts shooting at each other. The shots don’t hurt and there’s almost no chance of anything breaking if you miss.

Play cards Always a classic one. And there are so much you can play with cards.

Have fun you guys and stay tuned for next Friday

8 thoughts on “Dating My Husband #2 

  1. I love love love all of these ideas and that there are some different activities listed than you find on most lists like these! It’s so important to continue doing fun things together as a couple once you are married. Definitely using a ton of these in the future! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me to bring back date night!


    1. You’re welcome and thank you for kind words. I’m glad this has helped someone! Yeah I was getting pretty tired of reading multiple posts about dating that all said the same. On Friday there will be another 10 fun ideas, hope you’ll check them out


  2. Wow, great ideas!!! My husband enjoys working out with me, but I am never able to feel my legs the next day!! Lol… he’s in much better shape then I am;)
    Love the playlist idea!


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