DIY Pillow for High Chair

When VL was newly born, we got this high chair in a second hand shop. It was obviously old and had no cushion or anything but was really cheap. The plan was that I would sew one (I’m okay when it comes to sewing) but then the time past. VL began to sit and eat with us so we had to stuff a cushion from the living room behind him.

This weekend I finally started this thing and I’m actually a bit proud of myself. It turned out just like I had hoped! And that’s a lot coming from me (hubby says I’m a perfectionist).

Well, but here’s what I did. I started measuring the seat and cutting it out in paper (I only used A4 paper, which didn’t quite fit so that’s why there’s a bit of tape on it).

Then I got the fabric I wanted (we got this awesome CARS fabric for free through a giveaway group on Facebook) and cut out 2 pieces of seat because I wanted a foam or something soft in between (yes, I did this on the floor, there’s not a lot of table space here)


I sewed the pieces together ( right way in) with my cute little IKEA sewing machine. At this point I hadn’t even figured out what I wanted or could use in between (and hubby says I’m perfectionist.. Nah it can’t be)

I started looking around the house to see if we didn’t have something soft that we didn’t use anymore. Hubby helped and came up with this great idea. Why not use the old uncomfortable sponge pillow we have? So we ripped it open and it was exactly what I had in mind. Then it was just cutting out a piece that fitted to the pattern. 

Here it is, well one part of it (it came out a little smaller than I thought). I decided to make it a two-part cushion. Then we can take the seat part when he gets a little older (or bigger) but he’ll still have the support for his back.(sorry about the toes in the picture, just noticed it now)

The back support was almost just as easy. I measured it, cut it out in paper (aand forgot to take a picture of it) and cut it out in the fabric. We used the other half of the sponge pillow, ripped it in half and then it was a perfect fit (don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t sound like a perfectionist to me well? )

And voila! Here’s the back support (I put the strings on one side to tie it to the chair) 

And here you can see how it looks like with both parts. VL loves it and there’s a huge difference making him sit there.

Feel free to comment if you liked this or if you’ve made your own cushion. Would love to hear about it.

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