August Roundup – My Favorites

It’s already September so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from August to share with you guys.

My favorite course: 

That would be HupSpot Academy’s Email Marketing (certificate). It’s so easy to understand, there are a lot of great tips about how to and what to include in emails and it’s free!

My favorite blogger:

This is a though one. Since I started blogging I’ve seen some amazing bloggers! So I have to include two. Brianna Ray makes these awesome recipes based on Disney movies and it’s so fun to read her blog. An Organised Home has also been at the top of my favorites. Her blog is for the highly unmotivated housewife so it hits right at home and I really like the way she writes.
My favorite food: 

Hubby made these delicious crepes from scratch the other day and they were amazing. Of course I don’t have the exact recipe, since he’s the cook at home and kind of likes to things his own way (reads: doesn’t follow recipes) but here’s one I think looks a bit like what he did. Since it was at dinner, he put rice, mushrooms, onions and pork with a little garlic sauce in it. I’m telling you, it was so good!

My favorite date: 

That would be the exercise date me and hubby had last week, you can read all about it here. I’m not at all the exercise type but we just had so much fun.

My favorite singer/music genre/song:

This is a easy one, at least for this month. It’s actually the song that was played when we drove to the photography at our wedding. It’s called For evigt, a English/Danish song from Volbeat. Give it a try, I dare you.

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