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Dating My hHusband #3 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

It’s Friday again.. Oh I love Fridays! Hubby came home from work with this huge pot of flowers for me. #soromantic He actually does this often, lucky me *hint to all the dads out there*

Our Friday date this week is a bit different from usual as our daughter got to sleep over at a friends place. That means only one child until tomorrow!

Although it maight not sound like a lot of difference to some, it actually is. Only putting one child to bed and waking up to just one (that you can hopefully get to sleep again) is a huge difference.

Well, but that ment none the less that it had to be an at-the-home date. We decided to go for videogames. We have an Wii computer and this really fun game called Wii Sports Resort. Like I’ve said before, we’re not so much into exercise (or sports) but in that game you can, among other things play bowling.

We love bowling and this was so much fun! Mostly becauseyou have to move the control stick as it was a bowling ball. Since we’re both a bit competitive, every move had to better then the last one, so we were all over the place. Even so much that I think we need to get a new light in the living room (hubby is a bit bigger than I am and the light was right above us, you know what I mean?)

But enough about that, I know you’re waiting for my other 10 budget friendly date ideas so here they come.
Build a fort together Get all the blankets, chairs and everything you can think off and build a fort together. You could get a flashlight and cuddle up inside or you could build two forts and have a nerf gun war, like I mentioned here.

Chocolate tasting Find all the chocolate you can think off and taste it,  I’m not talking about sneaking into the cheap chocolate from the kids, I’m talking about real, good chocolate. You could  even use a blindfold and feed each other to make it more interesting.

Make a bucket list together There are so many bucket list ideas to choose from. You could make one for the summer/winter, one for the next year, or the next five years, or simply just one for next week. It’s really fun and this way you can find out what your mutual goals are and strive for them.

Draw portraits of each other This one is hilarious, specially if you can’t even draw a straight line. You could pick all kinds of portrait styles like realistic, cartoon or picasso style.

Make freezer meals This is a clever one. Freezer meals are budget friendly and so handy and you could have fun making them with each other. You could even go for the naked chef style.

Do an online class together There are sooo many online classes available, you’ll definetly find something that fits you both. Here are some ideas:

Free online classes

1200 free online classes


Kiss, kiss, kiss Try mastering these 36 kisses: French Kiss, Sniff Kiss, Nip Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Basic Kiss, Spiderman Kiss, Flavored Kiss, Vacuum Kiss, Fish Kiss, Tease Kiss, Candy Kiss, Ice Kiss, Firm Kiss, From Behind Kiss, Slow Motion Kiss, Opposite Kiss, Downward Kiss, Tickle Kiss, No Lips Kiss, Blow Kiss, Woodpecker Kiss, Lady and the Tramp Kiss, Shocking Kiss, High Low Kiss, Kiss on the Hand, Kiss on the Cheek, Kiss on the Neck, Kiss on the Fingers, Kiss on the Shoulder, Kiss on the Ear, Kiss on the Back, Kiss on the Navel, Kiss on the Nose, Kiss on the Eyes, Kiss on the Forehead. Not sure what they all mean? Me neither, just use your imagination and have fun with it! This idea comes from Stylecaster

Watch a sports game Let’s admit it, we all know that guys aren’t quite as much candlelight and romance as we women. Why not watch a sports game once in a while? You could make all kinds of funny bets about the game and the winner could get a nice price.

Would you rather There’s almost a quarantee that you’ll learn something new about each other. Just google “would you rather” and you’ll find a ton of fun questions.

Breakfast in bed Dust of the breakfast tray after the kids have fallen asleep. Get some pancakes and orange juice and cuddle up in bed while eating. Knowing you don’t have to get up for the next couple of hours, makes it even more cozy.

Hope these ideas will help you. Stay tuned for next Friday!

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