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Dating My Husband #4 

The fourth post in the series “Dating my husband” where I tell you guys about our Friday date and about 10 other budget friendly at-home dates.

You guys.. It’s Friday again! Those of you who are up to pace with my blog know that living alone in a foreign country, away from family isn’t easy. You also know of our troubles with getting VL to sleep.

Well, when hubby came home from work VL was asleep. Hubby knew I hadn’t been feeling great lately (we’ve all been sick the past couple of days) so he brought me red roses and lunch. Surprisingly VL slept the whole time while we ate (it took about 10minutes but still) so for the first time in a long time, we could actually just focus on us and our food. You know what I mean, when you have kids, you’re lucky if your food isn’t completely cold when you can finally eat.

And you know what guys? VL just kept on sleeping! Since he was in the bedroom (he sleeps in our bedroom) we decided to just relax in our sofa and cuddle. No tv, no phones, just cuddling. And you know what happened? Haha yes you’re right, we fell asleep! Only to wake up to VL one and an half hour later!

Hubby said this had to be our best date and I agree. It was so nice to just fall a sleep while cuddling (we’re not exactly the types that cuddle through out the night.. We need our space) and actually wake up refreshed.

Now it’s on to the 10 budget friendly at-home date ideas. I got to admit, I had a little problem finding the right ideas this time. It’s kind of hard thinking straight when you’re sick, but I made it and here they are:
Comedy night (standups on youtube) Go on Youtube and type “standup”, I can guarantee you’ll find something you like. I can recommend Ricky Gervais,  Kevin Hart, Jimmy Carr and Gabriel Iglesias.

Slow dance Put on some romantic music and enjoy slow dancing together, int the kitchen, in the living room, wherever you like.

Learn to play a instrument together. Youtube is the definitely the best place to learn anything so whatever instrument you want to learn how to play, I’m sure you can find it. Whether it’s guitar, the drums or ukulele, there’s something for every instrument. And you can have so much fun with it

Make t-shirts Buy plain white t shirt and markers and go bananas. Get a little arty and have fun decorating your couples t-shirts

Make ice cream sculptures  Get the cheapest icecream and make sure it’s really frozen. Have fun  Add toppings for details and then eat)

Build something with Legos If you have kids there’s a big chance there’re Legos in your house. Why not have some fun with it, find your inner child and build something together. If you’re at total loss with what to build you can look here and here .

Late night dinner Get the kids some dinner, put them in bed and enjoy a good meal alone. One of you could start the cooking while the other puts the kids in bed or you could make it together. Light some candles and just take your time eating and talking.

Learn to brew beer Make your special own kind of beer. It could be for anniversary or for date nights.  You can find online courses here and here you can find a whole brewing school.

Try yoga together Yoga has a wonderful effect on the body and it’s never a bad thing to get a little flexible. Go on Youtube where there’s a lot of how to videos.

Bake together Find your favorite recipe, your family recipes or try something completely new. You could give in to your sweet-tooth or bake something healthy for lunch box for you and the kids. It’s cheaper, healthier and much more fun. Win-win situation.

Hope you have fun and this helps

Stay tuned for next Friday

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