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Dating My Husband #5 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

TGIF! Finally it’s Friday again! Our Friday date this time was a sexy one and oh so fun! Before I start telling you everything about it, I have to tell you that I promised my mother-in-law to keep all the juicy details out. I guess it’s something about reading steamy things about your son, that no mother wants to experience. And since I’m such a wonderful daughter-in-law, I’ll have to keep my promise. So you’ll just have to use your imagination or better yet, try it for yourself.

We decided to do this after the kids were gone to bed so while I brushed teeth, read to them and put them to sleep, hubby was in the kitchen making a surprise for me. When I was done, hubby had light a bunch of candle lights in the living room and had made some yummy snacks for us (we love snacks!). All kinds of chips and vegetables with a dip made from sour cream and spices – delicious!

Well, then all was set and we could start. All we needed for this date was a deck of cards. Can you guess it? A sexy date where you only need a deck of cards? Haha you’re right! We played strip poker! The rules are simple, the one that looses a round has to take of a piece of clothing. If you’re not that good at poker (and want your spouse to loose) you could try Strip Ludo or Strip Scrabble (as described below). You can make almost any board game into a strip version.

It was so much fun and really build up a tension. Taken off the clothes, one by one between rounds, and just looking at each others body, was so unusual. And for some reason we’ve never been as competitive, haha! I can really recommend trying this, specially if the bedroom fun is always the same.

But enough about that… Here come the 10 other budget friendly at-home date ideas I’ve found for you guys!

Indoor s’mores Get in front of the fire and make some delicious s’mores! If you don’t have a fire pit at home, don’t worry! At Twelfth Avenue you can read how to make your own indoor s’mores, cheap and proper.

Look at old pictures If you’ve been together for a along time, chances are that you haven’t looked at any old pictures for a while. Take a stroll down memory lane and look at pictures from the time you met, your wedding or simply take a look over the time you’ve had together.

Create a scrapbook Why not get a little creative with your memories? Get your old pictures and have fun making a scrapbook together. It could be your whole time together, last year, from your wedding or even for the future. Go ahead, make your own “Adventure book” and have fun. It’s amazing how easy and fun it can be to “play around” with glue, paper and accessories.

Create your own holiday why not create your own national holiday, mark it on your calendar and celebrate it each and every year?  It’s not too late to declare tomorrow National Lazy Day? This idea comes from Happywivesclub

Strip Scrabble The rules are simple: The spouse who cannot score higher than the other must remove an article of clothing. If a spouse ‘challenges’ a word and wins, s/he can put an article of clothing back on; if s/he loses, s/he must remove an article of clothing. Winner may make any one request of the losing spouse.This idea is also from Happywivesclub

Blind date Now, I’m not talking about a date with someone you don’t know. It’s not the person but the date itself that’s blind. At moms and munchkins you can read some great ideas to how to make this date happen.

His/Her pick whatever he/she wants to do. Let’s admit it, we’re not always up for the things our spouse suggests. And maybe, we’re a little stubborn so we always end up choosing what’s done. This little thing might really make your spouse glad and who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you actually it.

Funny Youtube videos I almost don’t have to explain this one, do I? Get comfy in front of the computer (or the TV if your so tech to have a Chrome Cast or something similar), go on Youtube and type “funny videos”. I promise you, you’ll laugh your ass off!

Indoor Mini Golfing: Use plastic cups for the holes and a broom for the putter. You can also find little toy golf sets at the dollar store sometimes, so that’s also an option. Set up a course throughout the house. Be creative and try to make some holes tricky… behind the couch, around the corner, etc. You can read more about it at Two Best Friends In Love

Give each other massage, maybe even with a happy ending. It’s always nice getting a massage and well, a happy ending never spoils things.

Stay tuned for next Friday!

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