Online Security for Kids

Why you should teach your kids about online security and how you can do it

Nowadays almost every kid has a mobile phone or a tablet or even both. My daughter HG even got an Ipad when she started at her school instead of books. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea but there wasn’t much the kids could do with it, other than their homework.

Now, on the other hand, they can download almost every app they want. And it’s beginning to have problems. See, while the teacher only focuses on the apps required by the school, the kids are left on their own with the rest of the apps. So there was no one at school that taught them about security and what is allowed/not allowed online.

That lead to my sweet HG coming home from school one day, clearly disturbed about something.  When we asked her what was wrong, she told us that a boy from her class had been taking a video of her and that he put it on Youtube!

We talked to the school right away and her teacher briefly told the class that this is something they shouldn’t do. Then he had a little talk with the boy and my HG and that was that. So we’ve decided that we have to teach her what the “rules” are about safety online, what she can/can’t do and what she’s supposed to do if someone breaks those rules regarding to her.

First of all, we told her that it’s NOT allowed to take pictures of someone that either doesn’t know it or doesn’t want it and put them online. We also told her that if someone did that again, she should come right away to us and we’d solve it together.

Second of all we told her that there’s a LOT of things that she’s not supposed to see, bad things, things that could scare her and things that’s only for adults. That means swearing, pornographic material, vandalism,crimes, eating disorders, suicide, pictures/videos/games which show cruelty or violence against people and animals and lastly unmoderated chat rooms. To protect her from those things we’ve taken advantage over the parental controls in her Ipad, we don’t allow her to shop online, we monitor her online chats and she’s not allowed to play or watch anything unless we’ve seen it first or see it with her.

Third of all We’ve talked about cyber bullying with her. Meaning mean messages through sms/email/chats, spreading rumors about others online, posting hurtful or threatening messages to social media/social networking and stealing other person’s account information. We told her that she should come right away to us and that it was a police matter if anyone did these things.

You can read about more tips and what to thing about regarding online security for kids at Family and Teen’s Cyper Security. They have some great advice about a lot of things parent should think about once their kids get online.

Hope this has helped someone. If you have a good way or advice regarding online security for kids, please comment and share it

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