Lunch Box Ideas

School bag, healthy lunch box (picture from Today.com)

Lunch boxes.. What a dreadful thing! It doesn’t matter how much I try to come up with something new and exciting that my HG will eat, I always end up with the same 5-10 things. In the long run, I’m not satisfied with that, as she doesn’t get enough of all the vitamins and energy she needs for the day.

So as usual, I went straight to Pinterest (feel free to follow me there by clicking here) to look for some fun and healthy lunch box ideas. HG has told me about some of the stuff other kids are getting in their lunch boxes and it kind of scares me. It mostly contains nutella, cookies and stuff like that. Are parents really not thinking about how much sugar and chemicals their kids are getting? We’ve always said to HG that she’s not allowed to have anything sweet in her lunch box except on Fridays (and then it’s wholewheat bread with a little bit of nutella), but we’re obviously the “bad parents” because she’s the only one from her class that doesn’t get filled with sugar everyday.

Anyhow, I found a LOT of great lunch box ideas that are actually healthy and I want to share them with you guys!

At Today.com you can find a lot of easy and healthy ideas for lunch boxes

One Crazy house has over 100 lunch box ideas that are so yummy

The Pinning mama has 2 weeks of none sandwich lunch box ideas that I really like

Easy lunch boxes aren’t fooling around and they’ve got lunch box ideas for a whole year!

And since it’s almost (I know, it’s more than a month but hey.. time flies) Halloween I decided to include this fun Halloween lunch box ideas I found at Family fresh meals.

Enjoy, I know I will!




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