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Dating My Husband #6 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

Read about the newest date with my husband along with 10 fun budget friendly date ideas.

I’ve been a busy busy bee this weekend so I haven’t gotten the time to sit down to tell you about the last date but here it goes, better late then never right?

When I was finished at my part time job and came home, hubby was already there. He came home early to surprise me, so when I opened the door to our apartment, I saw a huge bouquet of roses on the floor with a cute card (that he’d actually made self!).

We started with lunch (I had stopped at Burger King on the way home) and although it wasn’t fancy, we enjoyed it so much because we were alone. Yes, you read correctly, there were just the two of us! HG was, as usual, at school and VL began in daycare last week, so we had the whole apartment alone. Did we stay in? Of course not!

As soon as we finished eating, we went thrift shopping. Luckily, we both enjoy digging around in some old stuff to see if we can’t find something useful, or better yet, funny. We know about all the best thrift shops here and before I got pregnant, that was a big part of our Friday dates.

Unfortunately, we had no luck this time. But we had so much fun. Being able to  walk around, look at anything we saw, talk about it and just take our time, was so nice. I usually go for the books (I love reading) and drag hubby along, and he usually goes for the kitchenware (which I’m not a a big fan of). Every time we’ve tried going thrift shopping with the kids, we’ve never had the chance to really dig into the stuff there but this time there was nothing stopping us.

After the third thrift shop (I know, we’re obsessed) we decided to go home and relax a little before it was time to get the kids. All in all, it was a fun date and amazing to have a whole afternoon just the two of us.

I know you’re dying to read about the other 10 date ideas I’ve found for you so here they are. Since we all of a sudden have a chance to get out alone, I had to include some budget friendly out-of-the-house ideas as well.

Couples Minute to Win it Happiness is homemade has some great game ideas and so do The Dating Divas

Try Zumba workout (Youtube again, I know but bear with me) Go on to Youtube and type “Zumba workout”. It’s a lot of fun and even more fun if both of you are equally good dancers.
Write to your favorite companies about how much you love their products and see which ones send you free stuff in the mail. Yay, free stuff! It might not work with all of the companies, but I’m sure some will send you a package in return

Make a music video together. Now this one can be hilarious! Pick out your favorite song or a song that you know has a ridiculous music video and do your own video to it.

Have a date night with the kids.  Do a fun project involving food and treats (gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, etc.), make your own flavored popcorn and have a movie night, or break your kids into two teams: mom and dad.  Come up with different relay race activities and cheer on your kids as they compete on “team Mom” or “team Dad.”  Be creative with your relay activities so that some of them favor the younger ones, and some the older.

Grocery store/IKEA blizz You can also do this one when you can’t get a babysitter (depends on how old your kids are). In a lot of grocery stores/malls/IKEA are play areas for the kids where you can drop them off and pick them up an hour later. Being able to do the groceries together, without the kids or just get a cup of coffee at IKEA while the kids play is a lifesaver.

Long walk (works with the kids as well)

Go thrifting Like you can read above, this is what we did. There’s amazing how much useful/funny stuff you can find at those thrift shops. You could even have a budget and buy something for each other.

See the sunrise/sunset A classic one! A little difficult to do if you live in a big city though. But totally worth it. Cuddling with your spouse (preferable on the hood of your car) watching the sunset/sunrise is wonderful and really gives a good start/end to the day

Wash the car together This one can be really fun as well. Turn up your favorite music and go nuts. You could even do it like in the movies, you know, dancing and splashing on each other (be sure that the water is not too hot/cold and that it’s not too cold outside).

Hope you enjoyed this and please tell me which one is your favorite!

Stay tuned

10 thoughts on “Dating My Husband #6 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

  1. Great ideas! I love the idea of “dating” our spouse. It really is important to take time to connect with each other and spend time together. My husband and I love to go to open houses and Parade of Home events. Fun to dream together.


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