September Roundup – My Favorites

Man, the time flies! It’s already the end of September so I rounded up some of my favorites from the month to share with you guys!

My favorite class

Well, it’s maybe not that much of a class, it’s a challenge. It’s called Triple Your Traffic by Melyssa Griffin and I highly recommend it! She made this 7-day challenge that would help  grow traffic to your blog/webshop and it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have it anymore, but her Pinfinite Growth class is similar, even better!

My favorite blogger

Like last month, this is a tricky one. I see so many blogs every day and it’s really hard to pick just one. I got to admit that most of the blogs I read are in the same niche as mine, mommy/parenting/family, but I found one that focuses a little bit more on DIY and craft with the kids then others I’ve seen,  Art With Littles by Jessica Meza. She has a lot of fun DIYs and crafts to teach your kids from young age.

My favorite singer

That’s definitely Pink! I just love her and her songs. I can really relate to so many of them and I think she sings about real problems, I mean her texts actually are meaningful. Have you guys seen where she stops her concert because there was a little girl that lost her mommy? Check it out here!  here’s one of my favorite songs that she recently sent out and here’s an oldie from her

My favorite date

We’ve had a lot of fun dates this month but the one that sticks out is probably the one where we slept. Being able to cuddle the whole time and wake up well rested for the rest of the day really gave us a lot.

So how has your month been? Hope it was good and would really like it if you’d share some of your highlights in the comments.

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