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Dating My Husband #7 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

Check out the 10 latest budget friendly date ideas I’ve gathered for you. 
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Have you ever experienced saying something and the moment it slips your mouth you realize that you ruined the moment? I have… and it happened at our date!

We went all in at our date and went to play pool. It’s something we’ve talked about doing for a long time, we used to do it a lot before we had the kids and we really missed it.

Hubby came home a little later than ususual so we didn’t have that much time. But we managed to go and get a quick pizza slice before we arrived at the pool hall.

We had a blast (most of the time) and hubby was actually surprised how well I played, but I still couldn’t win him. It was because of one ball, the 8ball, it never failed that when I had the upper hand, I accidently shot the black one down (and then I loosed).

Luckily, it was the same for him (almost) but in the end he won 4-2. Half way through our date it happened. I said a couple of words and as soon I did, I realized it was not the time or place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it back so after that, it was awkward and we couldn’t fully enjoy us. Do you know the feeling?
Apart from that… I’ve thought and searched hard and here are the 10 budget friendly ideas I found. I hope you’ll bear with me, they’re not all at-home dates but they’re fun anyway.

Feed ducks at your local park. Give them names and try to remember them later.

Play Cards Against Humanity – the party game for horrible people

Go eye bombing. If you don’t have googly eyes, use paper cutouts.

Turn off the lights and do shadow puppets (look some up online)

Make caramel apples or candy apples.

Do a little baking or canning together

Make a fire outside and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

Visit an apple orchard and pick your own fruit.

Have a fondue night with different fruits, cheeses, and veggies

Go on a fake vacation – No kidding! Choose an exotic location and plan a vacation for yourselves. Since you’ll be staying home, the sky is the limit so you can out-do one another with extravagant hotels and adventurous excursions.

Would love to hear what you think!

Stay tuned for next time!

11 thoughts on “Dating My Husband #7 Plus 10 other Date Ideas

  1. I think more people need to realize a steady relationship in no way equates to loss of romance! It’s super important to still have date nights and recognize the things you value in one another. The fire idea sounds so cozy and cute, especially for the fall time! 🙂

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