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Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is almost here… What do to about costumes?

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You guys… Halloween is only 3 weeks away! Well, 3 and half but still.


We’re planning on having a Halloween party for HG and her friends with some scary food, games and Halloween movie and it just hit me.. We don’t have any costumes! Well, HG has a LOT (she loves dressing up) but me and hubby and little VL don’t have any.

So, of course, I went straight online and started searching and with a little patient, I found the right spot. And let me tell you, wow! I searched a couple of shops but all their baby/toddler costumes were way too expensive or there were only, like, 30 to pick from. But check this, at Halloween costumes  you can pick from 1105 toddler costumes! One thousand and five different costumes! And if you look in  Newborn & Baby there are 535 costumes! And if you ever make it through all of them and settle on one (or five if you’re like me and have difficulties with choosing) than you can head to the Adult costume section, where there are 5850 costumes, and see if you find something that fits with the one you picked for your baby. Five thousand and fifty! If you have both baby/toddler and an older kid, like me, they have a huge Kids section!


Wow! I can’t choose! I’ve been looking through the toddler costumes and I’ve found way too many VL would look so cute in. I also looked at their Disney section and there I could easily find costumes for all of us that matches.

Peter Pan theme would for example be  nice, I think hubby would look so good as Captain Hook or Peter Pan. Winnie the Pooh theme would look adorable on VL but I’m not sure HG would accept that ( or hubby for that matter). Monsters Inc could possibly be a good choice, but I’m pretty sure both hubby and VL would be Scully and HG would probably want to be Boo so that would leave me as Mike, hmm.. We could also go with Inside out, HG as Joy, me as Disgust or Sadness, hubby as Anger and VL as Fear. That could work!


To bad HG wants scary costumes for all of us. I just think that’s too much for VL, I mean, sure he’s only 7 months but some of those costumes freak me out. I can’t imagine what he’d do if we wore anything like that. I guess I’ll have to negotiate with HG when she comes home from school so I can order some of these today.


Have you decided what you’ll wear?



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