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Dating My Husband #8 Plus 10 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Get some great budget friendly date ideas – perfect for couples with kids

Since hubby comes home from work at 13:00 and VL is at daycare til 16 we now have THREE whole hours all to our self. Which is awesome! There’s so much you can do in three hours!

For our Friday date we went on a roadtrip out in the country. Nothing planned, no destination, just driving around.

We really enjoyed ourselves, going all in with nostalgia by listening to music we’ve heard since we first started dating. The countryside looked oh so beautiful in the autumn colors and it was a beautiful day, a little cold but a lot of sunshine.

It was so fun driving around, through all the little villages in the countryside and through vast fields of corn and wheat. We talked about nothing and everything and all of a sudden it was time to get little VL.

Well, on to the other date ideas I’ve found for you guys. Some or at-home, some are a bit messy and some are out-of-the-house but they’re all fun. Here they are;

Play Messy TwisterTwister.Use paint or shaving cream and food coloring.

Have a paint fight.


food fight but you might want to do it outside unless you want to clean up the mess.

Get active! Play some basketball in the back yard or head to the park to play tennis. You can even swing on the swings…

Brunch and mimosas

Make homemade icecream

Grab your cameras & go exploring for the perfect fall shot.

Make a wreath for the front door.

Start writing out your Christmas list. Maybe not the most romantic one but a clever one

Make soup -fall is all about soup

Have fun you guys! Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for next time!

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