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40 Halloween Costumes for Under $50

This post contains affiliated links, this means that–at no extra cost to you–I can make a commission( a teeny tiny one) on a purchase you make through the links.


At Halloweencostumes.com you can find unbelievable many Halloween costumes for the whole family for under $50!

In their Animal & Bug section  you can f.ex. find

  • Adult Sloth Costume
  • Sexy Deer
  • Cozy Bat Adult
  • Kids Dalmatian
  • Kids Dinosaur
  • Kids Fierce Werewolf
  • Child Black Cat
  • Child Werewolf
  • Child Deluxe Gorilla
  • Girls Cozy Bat
  • Infant Triceratops

In their Disney section you can find

  • Mr/Mrs Potato Head
  • Women Snow White
  • Evil Madame
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Child Deluxe Vanellope Von Schweets
  • Zootopia Judy Hopps
  • Native American Prinsess
  • Zootopia Nick Wilde
  • Infant Buzz Lightyear

And if you want to go all in for Scary costume they’ve got a lot as well

  • Mesh Skeleton Dress
  • Women Voodoo Doll
  • Men Mummy
  • Child Camo Trooper
  • Child Navy Seal Black Team 6
  • Child Voodoo Doll
  • Child Soultaker
  • Child Phantom
  • Girls Bloodthirsty Vampire

There are a lot of cute costumes in the Storybook & Fairytale, such as

  • Adult Scarecrow
  • Glinda
  • Peter Pan Adult
  • Men Robin Hood
  • Where’s Waldo Adult
  • Child Little Red riding Hood
  • Child Deluxe Alice
  • Kid’s Robin Hood
  • Child Tin Man
  • Tween Queen of Hearts
  • Toddler Big Bad Wolf

I’m telling you, there’s a LOT more! I’m probably going to do another post soon.

Stay tuned

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