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Dating My Husband #9 + 10 Other Date Ideas

I’ll tell you all about my newest date with hubby and share 10 budget friendly date ideas with you as well.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard what hubby wanted to for our Friday date! Which shows that after all this time, he still surprises me every now and then. He actually wanted to go down town and shop!

We started with getting something to eat, as usual, and enjoyed getting a table next to the window so we could people watch as well. We had a lot of fun with it. Coming up with stories about the people that went by, where they were going and what they did for a living. There were some outfit commenting as well, and we saw that there really are some brave people out there, that just wear whatever they like.

Well, after we ate, we walked around down town and headed right to a little second hand store (I know, we love second hand stores) that we really like. It’s called “Mothers help” and they only have children clothing, toys, equipment and maternity clothes. Usually we go there with a big IKEA bag of clothes that are too small for VL and come out with a handful of clothes for him.

There are a couple of cheap stores down town, that we like and of course we went there as well. It’s amazing how much funny junk you can find in those stores and we had a lot of fun picking out the weirdest or funniest item we found. We also looked at Halloween decorations and costumes (since we haven’t decided yet what we’ll be!)

It’s been a while since we went down town and we really enjoyed it. Walking hand in hand, in no rush, and just looking around.


Well, I know you’re dying to read about the other ideas I’ve found for you guys so here they are:
Make hot cocoa and cuddle up watching Netflix. If you’ve seen everything on there, you might want to check out how you unlock it to get thousand of hidden categories.

Write a letter to each other in the future. Put together a time capsule or write a love letter to each other 10 or 20 years from now. Put it in a safe place so you’ll be able to retrieve it in the future

Make your own holiday cards.Find a beautiful spot to do a photo shoot and snap away. There are affordable websites that allow you to upload your photo and print your card at home or at a print shop

Make your own scarecrow. You can find 20 ideas right here.

Rearrange a room in your house. Change out the furniture, make or buy some new to the decor or upcycle something

Play hide and seek

Bake a pie – or lots of mini pies. If you don’t know how, I’ve found over 75 mini pie recipes for you

Talk together – if you cant think of something to talk about, here are 1831 questions to ask each other.

Play with Snapchat, a great photo app with all kinds of filters and voice changers. You can even send the picture to your friends (or mom, like we do)

I would love to hear about your last date so please comment below.

Have fun and stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Dating My Husband #9 + 10 Other Date Ideas

  1. I love these ideas! My husband and I love to people watch too. We also go Pokemon hunting together (I know we’re pretty sad) by going on walks. We often find ourselves down by the beach or exploring a new place that we’ve never been to before.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    Liked by 1 person

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