Mommy-Daughter Dates

These last couple of days have been so fun. Like some of you know I had really big plans for HG’s autumn break. We were going to bake, do some DIY and go shopping, just the of us.

Well, when I planned all of this, I forgot to think about how popular she is. So on the first day, we started making a delicious apple cake and we didn’t get further than the eggs and sugar before the doorbell rang. It was a boy from her class asking if she wanted to play. By the way, I’m so glad that she plays with both boys and girls, the boys can teach her so many things (good and bad) that the girls can’t. So I finished baking the cake, that ended up being a total failure (not the best baker here) and the kids got to eat it.

On the second day we were supposed to do some fun crafts and DIY. Again I forgot something, her tween hormone swing. Every idea I had come up with was ether stupid, boring or she didn’t feel like doing them. The only thing she wanted to do was make bookmarks ( Made her mom very proud!). But since that required our glue gun that we couldn’t find, we ended up playing board games instead. One of our favorite is Pictionary and it always amazes me how easily she reads, understands the words and manages to draw well. I know you’re supposed to play in teams but we make up our own rules.

On the third day we went shopping down town. And once again I forgot something, she had a playdate that day. So her friend came with us. I must say, it was not at all what I had hoped for or had expected but HG had fun.

Here are a couple more pictures I took.

Coloring pages and activities are always fun!

Laying on the couch, hugging and talking is priceless!

Being that much with her these past days has made me realize that she misses and needs a time alone with me. So I’m going to have mommy-daughter dates with her as much as I can. I found a couple of good ideas for some fun mother-daughter dates.

Mom Daughter Dates for Every Budget

Mom Daughter Spa Date

Mother Daughter Bucket List

30 Mommy Daughter Date ideas

Do you have any fun mommy daughter date ideas? I would love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “Mommy-Daughter Dates

  1. I wish we had a fall break for the kids! my kids are really into coloring pages as well. we have been playing alot of Uno also. Im gonna add pictionary to their xmas list!


    1. Oh we love Uno! We always play it on our camping tours. It’s anazing how much Pictionary can help them. When we first started playing it HG almost couldn’t read anything. Now she easily reads the hardest words


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