15+ Printable Halloween Games

Hi you guys!

I found these awesome printable Halloween games I want to share with you! They are great if you still haven’t found anything to do in your Halloween party (or if you want to make sure there’ll be fun in the party you’re going to)

This post contains affiliated links, this means that–at no extra cost to you–I can make a commission( a teeny tiny one) on a purchase you make through the links.

For the Kids: 

Escape From the Garden  A left and right game that is great to  redistribute leftover candy or small gifts.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids A spooky indoor treasure hunt that leads your little zombie princesses and monsters to a treat.

Halloween Synonyms Game  Just because it’s Halloween and everybody’s hyped up on sugar, doesn’t mean you can’t sneak some stealth learning into your party games line-up!

Chew On This Candy Names Game For Kids This fun word game challenges younger party guests to finish the famous candy phrases by filling in the blanks!

Halloween Tongue Twisters Each player takes a card and attempts to read the twister out fast five times.

For Teens and Adults: 

Teen Terrors Mad Libs Each player fills in the word list on page one (no peeking at page two), then substitutes their word choices for the blanks in our silly story.

Twisted Horror Movie Titles Can you guess the Halloween movie titles from their synonyms? Recommended for teenagers and adults!

Gross Trivia We’ve delved into the history of horrid and come up with a dirty dozen disgusting facts

Newlywed Game Questions  Choose from 20 funny questions to ask your chosen couples.

Only Adults: 

Vampire Trivia A fairly hard 15 questions game inspired by vampires names and vampire movies.

Left in the Dark A left – right game for adults.

Trick or Treat Trivia Each question refers either to a well-known and loved treat, or a famous (or infamous!) trick or trickster. Not designed for children!

Who’s the Bad Guy? All you have to do is match the movie with the bad guy. Easy? Don’t be so sure

Stephen King Book Trivia Game  A fun 2 part trivia game for the book nerds.

For the Family: 

28 Halloween and Party Games for the Whole Family

24 Halloween Games for the Family

I’ll definitely try out some of these! HG will probably like the tongue twisters and the left and right game! And I’ll probably get hubby to the bad guy or the twisted movie title game with me. Which one sounds interesting to you?



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