Coming up: Review and a Giveaway

This post contains affiliated links, this means that–at no extra cost to you–I can make a commission( a teeny tiny one) on a purchase you make through the links.


Last weekend I received a package from Little Passports, which I will do a review about (as soon as me and HG have played a little with it). It’s their World Edition package and they were kind enough to donate a 3 months subscription for a giveaway!

I want to tell you a little about what it is, just a little heads up before my review. The World Edition is a Explorer Kit for kids 6-10 years old where they get to learn a little about the world, one country at a time. First you receive a package with everything you need for the “journey” and in every package after that you get to learn about a new country. Sounds fun right? We can’t wait to take a look at our first package!

So stay tuned, the review will come on Monday the 31. October and that’s when the giveaway starts! It ends on Friday the 4th November and I really hope you’ll share these news with friends and family!


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