Educational fun and a GIVEAWAY

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Little passports was kind enough to provide a 3 month subscription of World Edition for this giveaway. I also received a 3 month subscription as a compensation for this honest review. I only promote companies that I like and all opinions are my own! 

Like I told you in my last post I received a package from Little Passports. They had been kind enough to send me one so I could give them my honest review on it. And they also did it possible for me to do a giveaway! (Link below!)

This World Edition subscription is a educational kid for kids 6-10 years so it was a perfect fit for my 8 year old daughter HG. When the package came she had a lot on her mind so I decided to wait showing it to her until things had slowed down. While my fingers tickled of excitement she didn’t even notice the box! Of course, I couldn’t wait so I took a sneak peek and liked what I saw. In the box was a suitcase that was open, passport and lot more that I couldn’t see what was (I just took a sneak peek remember)

Well, when we opened the box together, the first thing HG took up was the passport. It looks almost like a real one except it has a couple of questions inside along with pages for stamps/stickers. She then found the pen pal letter and since it’s in English, I read it to her. She thought it sounded really exciting! See, the World Edition has two main characters, kids that travel the world in an unusual way (Don’t want to tell you too much!). With every package in the subscription is a letter from them, where they tell about their adventures.

Next up was a postcard with a picture of the kids at the starting point of the journey. There were also stickers of the kids that HG could put on the suitcase (with more to come to make it personalized), and a “boarding pass” that gives access to a bunch of online games (we still haven’t had the time to check them out). The package also included a pretty big world map that HG loved (she spent most of the time looking at this, finding the countries she’s been to and the countries she knows about) and an activity sheet with 3 activities. One with animals, one with flags and one with a secret code, HG loved that one the most! In one of those activities you can figure out where the main characters go next, I hope we got it right!

All on all, this is a brilliant package and I can’t wait till we get the next one! In the next packages there will be a letter, activity sheets, stickers, photos AND a souvenir from the country the kids go to.

The only thing that I wasn’t happy with was the suitcase, I hope it just got damaged in the mail or something but we really have difficulties closing it. I also think this is might be a little too easy/dull for a 10 year old, they might need to reevaluate the age appropriation.

Well, the giveaway starts today and ends Sunday 9th November! We’re talking about 3 months subscription of this package, the World Edition. If your kid likes geography and adventures, this is something for you. You really don’t want to miss this for your kids!

I’ll put a link to the giveaway below. Please feel free to share this with friends and family!

Updated: We have a WINNER!

Stay tuned

Click here to enter the giveaway

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