October Roundup

Favorite course. Since October has been really busy for me, I didn’t take any course but I can recommend a subscription (for kids). I got a 3 month subscription for World Edition at Little Passports and both me and HG love it! I actually have a giveaway for the next couple of days where you can win one for your kid. You can enter it here

Favorite blogger is Stephanie Lee at Sweet Tea and Baby Brie I just love to read through her posts! She talks about parenting, traveling, wellness, food and life in general. She has a really positive look on life and I love the “tone of her voice”.

Favorite song/singer is the song “Pregnant” by Phlake. It just brings so many memories from being pregnant! If you haven’t heard it, are pregnant or a mom, you definitely have to hear this.

Favorite date is our road trip date which you can read all about here.

Hope you’ve had a good October! Would love to hear about your highlights in the comment section (which is way below)


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