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Dating My Husband #11 Plus 10 Ways to Say I love you


Hi you guys! I am so sorry for how late I am with this post, this is becoming a really bad habit. But hey, that’s life as a parent! You can’t always do things when and how you’d like to. Things have been unbelievable crazy around here for the last couple of days (VL sleeps maybe 3 hours a night, we might be moving in 13 days, the house is a mess and so on) so every minute I had available I either used sleeping or cuddling with hubby.

Even though I’m way to late, I’m going to tell you about our Friday date anyway because it might help you see that a date doesn’t have to be preplanned, cost a lot of money or anything like that.

You see, when hubby came home from work last Friday there were a lot of errands that needed to be done. Instead of calling our date off, we simply turned those errands into a date. We started by buying groceries, walked hand in hand through the supermarket, joked about the weird/funny food we saw and talked about our favorite foods. We LOVED it and actually learned a lot about each other (we still surprise each other about a lot of things)

Next we had to go downtown to get pictures from HG’s photograph session. We (accidentally) got lost in the little streets and ended up driving through parts of the town we haven’t seen. We decided to park the car and see if it was easier to find by foot. Since we didn’t have a lot of time, we marched through town and it almost felt like we were on a mission. So of course, we joked around with that; agent H and agent P on the biggest mission of the weekend!

It was surprisingly fun and like I said earlier, not preplanned at all.

Now, I know that I usually end with 10 date ideas but for those of you that simply can’t find time or energy to do a date, I found 10 ways to tell you spouse that you love them! It only takes a minute but it will mean so much to them.

  1. I love you because… All you need is print out a paper that says “I love you because…” and put it in a picture frame. Every morning (or day or whatever) write a note to your spouse saying what you love about them.
  2. Listen to them. How often has your spouse talked to you and your thoughts drift away? Give them your full attention (eye contact, face them and stop doing anything else) and really listen to what they say. Then bring it up in the future. They’ll notice the gesture.
  3. Do a chore for him. Most people have to-do-lists (lying around or in their heads). If you know that your spouse has something on their list that they either don’t have time to or simply dread doing, do it for them. They’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Laugh at his/her jokes. Or better yet, get him/her to laugh. Life is to serious anyway and laughter really lightens up the day.
  5. Compliment. Give him/her an honest compliment, about their looks, their personality, anything you can think of. Help boost that self esteem!
  6. Be sweet. If your spouse has a sweet tooth he/she will love this! It might take a little more than a minute to do and might end up in stomachache for the both of you but it will be worth it. Write them a sweet message in candy
  7. Say I love you in the snow. This is one that might take a bit more than a minute but if you have snow, this is one of the most romantic ways ever to say I love you
  8.  Love notes. On the mirror, in his/her wallet or with a gift like below. You can find more ideas if you click the image.
  9. Text him/her  to express your love. Here you’ll find 101 ideas for text love messages
  10.  Give him/her a massage after a rough day – or just because. Hope you like my ideas! How do you show your spouse that you love them?

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