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Dating My Husband #12 Plus 10 Ways to Say I love you

Again with the bad habit, I got to do something about this. The problem is that these last couple of weekends I’ve chosen to spend my time with the family instead of sitting at the computer. So I guess that from now on, the Friday date post will be published on Mondays or Tuesdays. I really hope you’ll still read it.

Now, usually I try to finish everything related to this blog before everyone comes home, but unfortunately I don’t always succeed (it’s a lot more work than I thought, but I love it). That was the case last Friday, as I was working on some free printables for you guys.

When hubby came home I’d worked for a couple of hours but wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Like I’ve told you be for, hubby is a really skilled handyman. It doesn’t matter what he does, he always succeeds! (which kind of gets on my nerves sometimes).

So, he saw how frustrated I was and offered his help (plus, he loves all those programs and what they’re called) and I gladly backed away from the computer.

Although it wasn’t the date we had planned, it turned out awesome. At first, I felt kind of guilty using our private time on the blog, but when I saw how fun he had, I felt better.

One and an half hour later of us talking about design, colors and more, he’d whipped out three pages of FREE printables for you guys AND this awesome new logo, you can see at the top of the page.

After that, we just cuddled on the sofa until it was time to get the kids. A great and productive date!

Now, like you might have noticed on the last Friday date post, I’ve changed the “theme”. Instead of 10 other date ideas, I now find 10 ways to tell your spouse you love them. And here they are:

Give each other a power thank-you. Really acknowledge what your spouse has done for you by thanking them for it, telling them you appreciate the effort it took him/her to do it and how much it means for you. It could be just a every day thing like cleaning the dishes or a big thing that means the world for you.

Live in the now – your spouse might have had some problems in the past but it doesn’t help if you’re always talking about it. That disqualifies any effort he/she make to do better.

Food is the way to the heart. Make your spouse’s favorite meal or simply some cute snack like these:

Love toast

bacon hearts
Ask for each others advice, and actually follow it. Your spouse will really appreciate it, specially if you thank him/her afterwards.

Pick or buy a flower and tape a small tag to it that says “I love you”


Small tag on a flower
Stay with the kids or put them in bed so your spouse can take a nap

Find something on his/hers bucket list and make it happen!

Surprise him/her at work by dropping of a little treat.

Warm a towel for him/her while he/she’s in the shower, so a hot towel is waiting for him/her instead of a cold bathroom.

Have sex with him/her “ without him begging or you complaining about it. Initiate!

Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I would love if you’d tell me what you think about the logo?

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