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Dating My Husband #13 Plus 10 Ways to Say I love you

Our Friday date this time was a late one. We first had a chance to actually do something together on Sunday evening. But that’s life and that’s how it is, at least we can spend time together, which is more than many can say.

Poor hubby is working overtime every week now and since VL hardly sleeps, we’re both exhausted. We wake up tired and we go to bed tired. So on our date we decided to just sit back, relax and play some games on our Wii computer.

I think I’ve told you before but we have most of the old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on our Wii computer and we like to take a little nostalgia every now and then. So we started by Mortal Kombat. Now, I’m sure there aren’t many men that read this so I’ll just ask you ladies: Did you ever play that game when you were younger?

Let me tell you, I played it a couple of times when I was younger (since I had to share the Nintendo computer with my little brother ) so I thought, why not? Well, I quickly asked hubby to find another game because he finished me! In 10 rounds I got like one win (and being the sore looser I am, I quit haha ).

I got to say, we really had problems with finding team player games. Most of the games back then were only one player or two players taking turns. We ended up playing “Sunset Riders”, a wild west game which is all about shooting the bad guy. Sounds like fun right? Haha, we actually had a good time and we even kept playing last night. So ladies, if your hubby asks you to play, do it! Even though you have no idea what you’re doing or the game sounds bad. You might be surprised.

Here come my 10 ways to tell your spouse you love them! And it works just as well for your kids (at least some of them). Those of you that follow my Instagram account may have noticed that I did one of those things for HG’s lunchbox last week and she loved it!


  1. Say it with fruit Grab a banana or their favorite fruit and make a basket. Write on the fruit and express your love!
    Banana love note
  2.  Say it in a different way Although it feels good to say/hear the words “I love you” there are a lot of other ways to say it. Here’s a list of 100 sentences that say just the same.
  3.  Steal his/her car from the parking lot at work and take it to the car wash.  Vacuum it out and Windex the dashboard etc.  Fill it up with gas.  Leave a love note on the seat and put a mix CD of love songs in the CD player.
  4.  Give him/her a candygram with clever messages spelled out with candybars.
  5.  Compliment him/her on his(hers outfit.
  6.  Put a love note in his/hers lunch. Here are 10 love note ideas
  7.  Give him/her a neck rub
  8.  Share a magazine article or post with him/her that he/she’d love. Me and hubby love Bored Panda, but Reddit and 9Gag are also good (and funny)
  9.  Buy new lingerie and surprise him/her when you go to bed tonight.
  10.  Stop expecting him/her to meet all your needs.

Hope you like it you guys! And if you want to follow me on Instagram, just search for @diyfamilygarden

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