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Dating My Husband #14 Plus 10 Ways to Say I Love You

Once in a blue moon, me and hubby get to have a whole night without kids. Since we don’t have any family near by, it takes a bit of planning. But that happened last Friday! VL got to stay the night at the daycare (there’s an amazing women that runs his daycare) and HG slept at her friends place.

We had talked about how we were going to use that night to just relax, maybe see a movie (you know, a whole one, without cries from the bedroom or constant “mommy, I’m thirsty” or “daddy, there’s a spider in my room” ) and simply be couch potatoes the whole time.

Well, that didn’t go as planned (no surprise there!). We had talked about it before that our car needed rust protection (or rust proof, don’t know exactly how to say it in English). Luckily, hubby works at a place that rust proofs cars so he could do it by himself (outside of opening hours) so we decided to get it over with.

We arrived at hubby’s work at around 5 PM and started working. Well, first we changed clothes and I got to wear this awesome white suit! What you think? Totally rocking the look, right?

We removed the tires and cleaned the whole car (from below). Next it was scraping any old rust off under the car and then it was finally time for spraying the protection on the car. Little did I know that it took 4 layers of all kinds of protection! and of course, we had to wait in between rounds.


So, when the spraying and coating was finished (and I thought that the job was done and we could go home and cuddle) we had to wash the WHOLE car! (you see, that protection sprayed all over the place, specially on us though as you can see, so we had to wash it off).

Then we could finally head on home, at 11:30 PM! (I mean, we usually go to sleep at 9 PM). So when we came home it was straight too bed, haha. It was a very useful and surprisingly fun date. And hubby loved having me around at his workplace (even though I didn’t do all that much haha) Here are some more pictures for you!

As usual, I’ve found 10 romantic ways to say I love you and here they come:

  1. Flirt – here are 18 cute (and naughty) ways to flirt with your spouse and here are 10 more
  2. Start a “love journal” – Get a new notebook where you can write together everything you love about each other, everything you want to do together as a couple or simply everything you relate to love.
  3. Make him/her breakfast – either in bed or make it before he/she wakes up so it’s ready when they get out of bed.
  4. Call to say hi, just so they know you’re thinking of them.
  5. Talkhere are 50 conversation prompts for you.
  6. Kiss them when you get up from the dinner table, specially if they made the dinner
  7. Support them in forming strong relationships with friends.
  8. Change your profile picture on their phone so whenever you call them, a funny picture comes up.
  9. Send them dorky/sweet Snapchat videos while they’re at work to brighten up their days.
  10. Believe in their dreams, even the crazy ones, and do whatever you can to help make them come true.


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