November Roundup – My Favorites

Favorite course Well November has been really busy so I haven’t enrolled in any classes or courses but I did participate in a challenge that I want to recommend. It’s a Self Care Basket challenge! We all know that self care is important but with busy days it’s easy to forget it. This challenge helps you remember and do something about it. Check it out here

Favorite blogger Like for the last couple of months, this has been the hardest to choose from. I’ve met so many great and awesome bloggers and it’s really difficult picking out just one or two. But I’ve told you before that I’m a little fanatic about horses and well, I’ve found this awesome detailed equestrian blog that I just love! If you like horses, you can take a look. 

I’m also digging this mom blog. She focuses, among other things, on gentle parenting. Really love her post about her son saying no! 

Favorite song/singer is the song “Automobile” by the Icelandic band Kaleo. It’s a great song and I simply get soft knees and butterflies in my stomach when I hear his voice!

Favorite date was definitely the one where he helped me do some work for the blog. I love it when he takes interest in the things I do and I got to admit, at least in this area, things turn out a lot better with his help.

Hope you all had a wonderful November! Would love to hear some of your favorites in the comments (wayy down below)

5 thoughts on “November Roundup – My Favorites

  1. My November was great!! We took a fun family trip to Williamsburg and had a couple of great photo shoots with amazing clients! But it sounds like your date was amazing!! My husband helps me some yams I love it

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