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Dating My Husband #16 Plus 10 Ways to Say I Love You

When you’re working full time, studying full time, have a home, a hobby, are married or in a relationship and you’re a parent it’s easy to put yourself and your relationship last in line.Life gets in the way, there are trillion things to do and when the kids are finally asleep at night and all chores are done, you’re exhausted. I know, I’ve been there too!

The thing about relationships (and marriage) is that it’s actually a full time job. You have to put an effort to make it work and spend time together. Otherwise, you might wake up in 10-15 years and think “What are we doing? We’re not in love, we just live together”.

That’s why me and hubby have date nights (well, date days at the moment) where we put at least 2-3 hours aside just to be together and have fun. Sure, it’s a lot of work, takes a lot of planning and sometimes life gets in the way, but we try as hard as we can to get those few hours alone.

I’m actually a week behind on this post but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. Both because I want you to see that it doesn’t have too be much, or cost a lot but also because if I don’t it messes with my blog plan haha.

So a week ago hubby came home and we’d talked about staying at home for the date. We got something to eat and then cuddled up on the sofa and watched stand up on Netflix called “Triggered” with Joe Rogan.

It wasn’t the best stand up that we’ve seen but he did have some good points. We specially liked the part about telling children lies. He also talks a little about the Kardashians, Scientology and famous butts on Instagram among other things.

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It was really nice to just relax, laugh a little and enjoying being together. That’s actually a good way to say I love you, without words. And below are 10 other ways to let your spouse know that you love them.

  • Text her/him something sweet. Extra points if you do it while s/he’s still a sleep so it will be the first thing s/he sees. I mean, who can have a bad day when you wake up to affirmation of your awesomeness?

  • Get the tealights out Even if you’re just eating pizza or watching TV, a few candles will make things feel more cozy and romantic. Plus it’s a great way to heat up your place.

  • Tell them the little reasons you love them – often! Me and hubby do this a lot. Tell each other small things about our personality or things we do daily that made/makes us love each other.
  • Make their packed lunch If you know s/he won’t get anything but bread or something like that for lunch at work, surprise him/her by make a packed lunch the night before. Like hubby did for me this morning. It really makes him/her feel loved.

  • Help make your spouse’s day easier. If you know that they have day-to-day struggles/problems like a broken umbrella, lost keys, lousy phone charger etc, do your best to help him/her out. Buy/make something that helps solve the problems/struggle.
  • Give her/him time to do the things s/he loves. Everyone has a right to have a hobby and if you don’t like her/his hobby, just remember that it makes him/her happy
  • Give her/him flowers for no special reason. Why should people only get flowers on special occasions? Surprise him/her with flowers, just to say I love you
  • Write a message on the bathroom mirror 84e0f5af658dbccbbe864ddbae36045d
  • Catch him/her doing good. When living together, then it’s easy to take those every day chores s/he does for granted and nag over things instead of compliment. Try thanking him/her for taking out the trash or cleaning the toilet. Trust me, s/he’ll be surprised and appreciate it.

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