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Dating My Husband #17 plus 10 Ways to Say I Love You

When living in a foreign country, away from friends and family, it can get a little tricky to “take a break” from the kids. Finding someone you trust for your children isn’t always easy (or cheap) so we don’t get that much time for the two of us.

Since we both know how important it is to keep the sparks alive in a relationship, we decided 3 months ago to have a date night once a week. Then life got in the way so sometimes we get a date night, other times a date day and once in a while something comes up.

Last Friday date was one of those times when something came up. We had planned on going out to eat (fast food but still out, so it counts haha) because we were supposed to do a review on the place.

When we woke up on Friday, excited for our date, we found out that both our kids were sick! With no one to babysit and since we had to do this review thing, hubby had to go alone. Here are some pictures he sent me.

So, while I was at home with both of the kids, hubby sat all alone at the restaurant. It was a sad, sad date which we hope we won’t experience again.


I know it’s not a date unless both of you are there! We just thought it was a little funny and wanted to share it with you guys. Actually we didn’t get any date related until a couple of days later. Where we did another attempt to go out to eat (fast food again, no shame!)

Since I’m working from home I decided to pick hubby up for lunch. We ate in the car, since he only gets 30 minutes break and it was lovely. Maybe not the most romantic but we got to spend a little time alone and that’s what mattered!

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Like I’ve said before, then there are a lot of ways to let someone know you love them. Here are 10 romantic gesture to let your spouse know.


  1. How romantic
  2. Hold his/her hand when you know they’re scared or there’s something wrong
  3. Save the last piece of cake for him/her
  4. Take care of them when they get sick
  5. Slip a love note in his/her pocket to find later (you might need to set a reminder in their phone or call them to let them know)
  6. When s/he’s having a hard day, don’t force them to tell you what’s the matter. Run a bath, make a cocktail, or give a massage instead
  7. Love Is... when he makes you feel like royalty.
    Love is…
  8. Show respect
  9. Heat up their side of the bed on cold nights.
  10. Give them alone time.



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