Guest Post -How To Clean the Mess after Kids Craft Activities

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Kids typically love to engage in arts and craft activities, which is said to improve their motor coordination, cognitive development and last but not least, to help them bond with their peers. Unfortunately, every parent knows craft activities and kids make for one messy combination. Once done with crafting, children often leave your living room in a state of chaos. How to deal? Well, cleaning when fun is over can be much easier if you give our tips a try!


Contain the Mess

It’s always a good idea to limit your kids to a single room when they are in artistic mood. Depending on the activity, you can opt for the kitchen, the kids’ bedroom, or even the living room for less messy activities like creating a collage. Restricting the activity to a single room will spare you lots of efforts after the artistic session is over. It would be even better if you reserve a specific space for craft activities only.


Play Some Music while Cleaning

This will make it much easier as it will take your mind off the cleaning itself. Besides, music will greatly improve your mood. Also, you can use a certain song as a cue to indicate the kids must end their artistic session, so that you can clean the mess after them. It would be more fun, if you come up with your own tidy-up song and sing it together while cleaning.


Ask the Kids to Help You Out

After all, they are the ones who created the mess for you to clean up, so it would only be fair if they help you. This will teach them responsibility and the next time they get involved in craft activities, they will be extra cautious not to create a mess. You can assign a specific task to each kid if you are a proud parent of two or three children. Also, it will be a good idea to buy small dustpans and brooms which will give the kids extra motivation to lend you a hand.


Sort out the Materials and Supplies

Before you start sweeping, mopping and wiping, make sure you get the supplies the kids have left behind out of the way. This way nothing will impede your cleaning and you will be able to tick this task off your list much quicker. Collect all brushes and gently rinse them under lukewarm running water. The same applies to the jar or glass the kid had used to rinse the brushes before using a new colour. Once the supplies are clean, organise them according to type – brushes in one box, pencils in another and so on.


Vacuum the Space Reserved for Craft Activities

This will be necessary provided that the child had used sequins or glitter for their artistic collage. Sometimes these tiny glittery pieces get stuck between the crevices of soft furniture and are difficult to remove. Using a lint roller to collect them is a quick and simple solution to this issue.


Remove Modelling Clay from Your Carpet

Many kids enjoy crafting with modelling clay. Unfortunately, the said clay is extremely difficult to remove from carpeting when stepped on. Of course, prevention is better than cure, which is why SW19 Carpet Cleaner advises you to consider using a protective cover to prevent clay from falling on your carpet altogether. If the accident does happen after all, allow the clay to dry out completely, scrape off as much as you can, and gently rub the spot with a damp cloth to remove the traces.


Kids are messy even when they are not involved in artistic activities – this is a fact, every parent is familiar with. Yet, messy accidents do happen every once in while, but there is no need (or point) to throw a tantrum. If you approach post-craft cleaning with positivity and give our tips a go, you will be able to clean the mess in no time.

This particular post is written by Emma from London. She knows a thing or two about cleaning and she occasionally writes articles for cleaning and home organizing blogs. Lucky us, right?


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