Valentines Day Crafts, Decor, Food, Deals and more

February is here and so every shop gets filled with Valentines Day things. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday. I feel like this day is something that stores and shops take advantage of to make a LOT of money and the rest of society, well let’s put it this way: If you’re single on this day, poor you! It’s like there’s nothing worse then being single on Valentines Day (believe me, I’ve tried it). Everyone and everything is so focused on love and their SO that it kind of feels like too much.

Don’t get me wrong! I love the idea of celebrating love, I just prefer to do it all year around or simply when I feel like it. You know, get flowers just because my husband wants to give them to me, not because he HAS to do it. Or get/give a small gift to show love, not because society says that on this day everyone should do it, but because the feeling is there.

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But I have to admit one other thing…

I LOVE all the crafts, decorations, games and food ideas that pop up around this day and that’s why I’m writing this post. Because I hope that you like them too! And it doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship… you can do these things anyway! For yourself, your kids, friends… You name it!


This cute Fingerprint Heart Keepsake from Messy Little Monster is adorable! Might be something I could even make with VL.

And how cute are these Love Bugs? They can be done by kids of any age!

Messy Little Monster also has a how-to to make this adorable salt dough handprint frame that’s perfect for Valentines Day!

Surprisingly, HG loves everything slimy so I had to find a slime recipe as well. This glitter slime is perfect for her! Pink, glittery and slimy!

I couldn’t resist putting this cute and simple Heart Tote Bag on this list as well, I mean, mommy has to make something too, right?

Although I really like these Yarn Wrapped Hearts I think that HG is a little too old for them and VL not old enough. What do you think?

At Craftulate I found a great post with 7 Easy Valentines crafts for Toddlers that I can’t wait to try with VL

I wasn’t sure if I should put this adorable Valentines Day Wind Chimes here or under decor but since HG will likely make it, I decided to put it under crafts.



This Paper Plate Valentines Day Wreath is just too cute! Too bad it rains a lot here, it would probably get ruined within a day… I could put it on a door inside though!

Love these 10 Diy Valentines Day Pillow Ideas! Which one should I choose? (I say one because I’m pretty sure hubby wouldn’t want the living room and our bed to be covered in pillows)

Check out these beautiful 25+ Valentines Day Home Decor Ideas  Luckily I’ve got a lot of things to do for the next couple of days, otherwise I might make all of these!

The Crafting Chicks has a couple of easy and pretty Valentine Decor Ideas (Too pretty if you ask me)

Since we moved (and got our OWN front door) I’ve been dying to make a pretty wreath to have on it.. Too bad I found DIY tutorial for 25 Valentines day wreath because now I can’t pick which one I want!

At Bajan Texan I found these 7 easy Valentines Day Decor Ideas (and as a new stay at home mom (again) with a huge house and a baby that doesn’t hardly sleep, easy is just the thing for me)

I also found these 20+ Valentine Day Decor Ideas at Diycraftyprojects that I love! Just look at the pictures though.. I tried one of their link and it looked like a virus (don’t worry, I mailed them to let them know)


I think these Healthy Valentine Day Treat Ideas look delicious!

We’re not big on sugar in the family so these Sugar Free Valentine Snacks are just the thing

Love these 8 Valentines Day Meal Ideas for Kids and can’t wait to let HG and VL try some!

Here’s another batch of Healthy Valentines Day Food for Kids. Yum!

Oh, how sweet is this Heart Shape Pizza

or these Roasted Heart Potatoes

Think it’s so adorable so I found another 23 Heart Shaped Food for Valentines Day

I almost forgot these yummy looking Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts with Roasted Pesto


Here are a couple of Valentines Day related games I’ve found for you (and us)! Think they all look so fun and pretty easy to do.

Valentines Day Heart Toss Game

Valentines Day Game Spot The Hearts

Valentines Gross Motor Game For Kids

Valentines Day Games for Kids

Valentines Day Game Cupids Arrow Toss

30+ Valentines Day Games For Kids

Valentines Day Activity – Heart Hunt

Love Game for Kids


Printables are great to keep the kids busy for a while and decorations. I’ve found a couple that I’m pretty excited about and hope you’ll like them too

Printable Valentines Day Card Kids Eraser

Valentines Day Color By Number

Valentines Day Bookmarks

Printable Valentines Day Activity sheet

Printable Valentines Day Scavanger Hunt Clues

Free Valentines Day Printables

Paper Fortune Teller



This post contains affiliated links, this means that–at no extra cost to you–I can make a commission( a teeny tiny one) on a purchase you make through the links.

Could this $39.99 bundle be the best Valentine’s Gift ever? This Limited Edition Valentine’s gift box from Ecocentric Mom includes $120+ in luxurious products to perfectly pamper your eco-conscious Valentine!

Seedling has some cute Valentines Day gifts and now they offer 20% off creative Valentine’s Day gifts, including classroom gifts! You can make your own Valentine’s Day cards and sweet activity kits.

Tactical Dad has 14% off their manly diaper bags that are specially designed for dads!

At Crazy8 you can find cute clothes on the kids for prices as low as $5, $10 and $15  Plus 40% Off Valentine’s Day Styles 

Put Me In The Story, make the cutest personalized stories, and right now they offer 30% Off Select Valentine’s Day Paperbacks with code HUGS30

Going to a Valentines costume party? Check out this Valentine’s Day Sale at Halloween Costumes!

Do you have a Valentines Day tradition, crafts or a favorite recipe? Would love to hear about it in the comments!





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